Image of ~*~ Leaves of change ~*~ Image of ~*~ Leaves of change ~*~ Image of ~*~ Leaves of change ~*~

~*~ Leaves of change ~*~


{~*πŸƒ<β€’ Earthβ€’>πŸƒ*~}
Our Ever present reflection ~*~We can see ourselves in every element of life ~*~ We are so Alive! ~*~So connected~*~ Open up to the possibility of learning from even the smallest thing~*~ So many lessons to be learned, coming to you in Divine timing~*~ Be aware so you can Receive the blessings to grow and flow~*~ feel your rhythm synchronize with all around you~*~ As we come into another change of season, the Leaves shifting to shine their colors and dance to the sun in celebration before their calling to make the bed for winter~*~ So much Ancient knowledge they carry from their ancestors before them~*~The knowing , the trusting~*~ taking only what they need~*~they are being what they be, playing their part in the web of life **πŸ•Έ** The roots going so deep connecting with life underground ~*~ the foundation is solid~*~ no need to fear~*~ Breathe with the earth~*~ feel your roots, your heart beat with it~*~ listen~*~ life moves in curves, reflect the cycles of the seasons~*~ honor that wisdom~*~ Know when to shine and when to rest~*~ you have what you need