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~*Nah*~ B


~^<• We always have the Freedom to say No➰~* Get familiar with it, practice makes progress 😇 ✨ it is a superpower ~ and can be vital to our mental health + ✨~ The more we speak up the more we stand in our truth and begin to place ourselves into positions where we can say... Itss “ON” 🔥the choice is yours 👐🏾 Wear them accordingly ✨
✨ I make these “No” /“On” creations to express what can be hard to say out loud ~ sometimes we just ain’t tryna argue so we let the juuury do tha talking ~
Adornments have long time had their own communication ~ they represent~ they play ~ they highlight ~express and speak
Custom Black + Blue to stand grounded in your peace , cool tranquility in your delivery ~ to water your words ~ to build strength in your decisions and Beautiful power in your impact~ “You mean what you mean and you said what you said”
Gold to illuminate your charm and highlight your light✨✨✨