~8~Nkodia was founded in 2011 after the passing of my father. In the beginning to cope i traveled around the world volunteering on agricultural farms in warm lands. While i flowed along i was amazed by the beautiful artwork and craftsmanship of the locals. The intricacy of their hand work, the colors they wove, the warmth in their creations, and the love of their traditions. After returning back to New York i was gifted with a load of recycled beads. I felt like it was a gift from my father, and so, began it my calling as a adornment artist.  I chose the name Nkodia in Honor and remembrance of my father who Founded the first National Ballet of Kongo "Balllet Nkodia". It means the Spiral, or traditional snail. All of life must start at a center point and slowly with patience like the snail, it spirals its way out. Expanding and spreading the enlightenment. Much like the Translation my beading has grown so much, and ive gained much wisdom with each creation. Channeling different frequencies in each piece. It is my meditation. I find peace. And through it i am able to communicate the love and healing powers i want to share with the world. i create peaces for people to feel free in their truth and radiate with the colors of their essence ~8~