Image of ~*Black Pride Bundle*~

~*Black Pride Bundle*~


In Honor of Black Libration Everyday! 🔔✨Inspired by the Pan-African flag colors ~ Each holding a symbolic meaning 🙏🏾
❤️Red for the blood shed by our Africans Ancestors who died in their fight for liberation, and the shared blood of Us African people
🖤Black for us Black people~ just like nutritious Earth we are dark for we carry all the rich soil ~abundance!~
💚Green for the natural world around us, the growth of new life , hope and possibility also reflecting the luscious natural fertility of Africa
Mother of Pearl spikes to protect the prayers, protect the peace and the lives who continue to fight this battle for liberation ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽sweet water medicine from the pearls to sooth tired minds, reminders to connect with healing waters ~ hydrate move slower and rest ~ all parts are neccisariy for a victorious Win, just by us living in or Black joy we are winning! 💯❤️🔔🙌🏾
~*~ these Adornments are available ~ follow the Adornments link to purchase~ special price for our Melinated brothers and sister 🙏🏾
Adornments of Empowerment!🙌🏾