Image of ~*~Organic Electricity~*~ Image of ~*~Organic Electricity~*~

~*~Organic Electricity~*~


Feel the Energy coming from your core ~*~in all of its Truth~*~ its Elements~*~ The tides, The cycles ~*~ Allow it to dance spontaneously ~*~ Try not to control , but allow it to roam Organically ~*~ Learn from that freedom~*~ Be mindful of where it goes and how it is distributed ~*~ make sure you are listening to your body~*~ Give it space ~*~feel what it has to say~*~ when it needs to recharge or be directed towards Higher growth~*~ The Sparks that fly, that fire within us never lies ~*~ Never dies~*~ but transforms constantly ~*~ Pay attention~*~ Your Energy is precious ~*~ ⚡️✨