Image of ~*~ Fire Phoenix ~*~ Image of ~*~ Fire Phoenix ~*~ Image of ~*~ Fire Phoenix ~*~ Image of ~*~ Fire Phoenix ~*~

~*~ Fire Phoenix ~*~


{{{🔥💥 Firē Ēnērgy Nēcklacē 💥🔥}}} Soul~*~transformation ~*~ Welcoming New moon 🔮🦂✨ Feel into it!~*~ This presence brings tremendous superpowers through greater awareness, allowing us to truly heal. With abilities to go deep deep into the submerged emotions, it allows us to get to the root source of any blockage and use the light to burn away what we don't need to fly above~*~ with these heightened energies tap into the natural physic intuition to see past the frivolous distractions that cloud our vision~*~ With so many deep emotional influences around ,pay attention to your true instinct and trust the ones that are guiding and manifesting positive affirmations~*~ trust the changes sparking up in your life, and allow yourself to change your attachment~*~loose your fixed idea of being separate from the whole~*~ change is constant~*~ and energy never dies ~*~ ashes to ashes dust to dust~*~ Dance in curves like fire!~*~ Feed it wood of truth ~*~ like the Phoenix keeper of fire healing~*~ and the the highest form of transformation in Scorpio growth ~*~Rise above~*~ receive new wisdoms and rise out of the ashes of the past~*~ new energies rebirth out of past lessons~*~ Establish balance and harmony energies that will radiate out into the world and we can heal each other through the universal spirit we share 🔥))) ((((💥🔥💥))))